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This site is focused basically in the presentation, in a formal way, of infomation about MultiCaB project. The development of the Multi Layer Cable Model MultiCaB project is going to improve significally the analysis of power cable models for aeronautical applications, specifically, thermo electric Wing Ice Protection Systems, WIPS.

The project is represented by CleanSky Integrated Technology Demonstrator leaders and researchers and technicians from the
MCIA Research Center of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ,with probed experience in high frequency modeling of electric and electronics components and power electronics applications and control, as well as in European projects' management and execution.





MultiCaB inside Cleansky


Carried out by Center Innovation Electronics. Motion Control and Industrial Applications. MCIA — UPC. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech, MAGMOLIB is part of  CLEANSKYpartnership, a Public Private Partnership between the European C ommission and the Aeronautical Industry,  that was set up to bring significant stepchanges regarding the enviromental impact of aviation in our days.

Cleansky aims

  Aviation is an essential element of today's global society, bringing people andcultures together (2.2 billion passengers yearly) and creating economic growth (425 billion of world GDP - gross domestic product).


The air transport industry is paying a lot of attention to growing public concern about the environmental issues of air pollution, noise and climate change. Although today air transport only produces 2 % of man-made CO2 emissions, this is expected to increase to 3 % by 2050 with the continuous and steady growth of traffic.



Clean Sky, a Public Private Partnership between the European Commission and the Aeronautical Industry, was set up to bring significant step changes regarding the environmental impact of aviation.


Clean Sky will speed up technological breakthrough developments and shorten the time to market for new and cleaner solutions tested on full scale demonstrators, thus contributing significantly to reducing the environmental footprint of aviation (i.e. emissions and noise reduction but also green life cycle) for our future generations.